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Whipped Dream 1.75 fl. oz / 50g



Our dream cream does more than just maintain the status quo: It improves the quality of your skin from the inside out. Whipped Dream is a rich, silky, and deeply hydrating moisturizer for all skin types that repairs, restores, and protects without feeling too heavy. Formulated in Switzerland with scientifically ideal concentrations of Niacinimide and Ceramides, Whipped Dream brightens, protects, and helps reverse the natural loss of skin barrier function. This is more than just a moisturizer—it’s a complete skincare repair solution.

Good to Know

93% Natural
Formulated & filled in Switzerland
Pregnancy & breastfeeding safe
Dermatologically Tested

Quick Science

Ceramides are the main component of the top layer of skin. They work to create a wax-like barrier on the skin that helps to lock moisture in and block harmful microbes out.

Key Skin Benefits:

- Increased hydration levels
- Combats environmental dryness
- Maintains a supple appearance
- Improves skin texture over time
- Softens and smooths rough, scaly and/or inflamed skin
- Improves dullness and ruddy complexion

For the Senses:

Feels: Light-weight, fast absorbing, soothing with a radiant finish.
Smells: Natural and subtle with no lingering scent

How to Use it:

Apply a dime sized amount to clean skin 1-2 times daily.