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Perle by Lola

Parisian born and having spent youth between Miami, St Tropez and St Barth, The inspiration for her collection is based on where she has been, what she wanted to become and where she is today.  Through her affection for nature, colors and music, She have found a way to express herself which has led her to creating jewelry. Given her love for all that is natural, working with freshwater pearls as well as precious and semi precious stones; the possibilities are endless! 

Pearls: Either freshwater or Tahitian. All are handpicked and chosen for their luster and shape. Each unique in their own way.  Leather: Premium leather. All of cording is made from the most superior skins available. All dyes are certified 100% Lead-free. Semi- Precious and Precious stones: Handpicked and chosen specifically for the piece it will be placed in to bring the utmost elegant and special look to the item. Organic raw materials: Bone, horn, wood.

" I try my best not to use anything that doesn’t come from nature."