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About us

About Nicole Palmer & Co. LLC

Nicole Palmer & Co. LLC is the parent company of LiNa Nicole's original designs and concept boutique, opened 2016 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After spending much of her life in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific, Nicole now lives in Cape Cod full-time with her family. 


About Underground Fashion (Boutique)

Underground Fashion (Boutique) was created from LiNa Nicole's vision and desire to bring something different to the Cape Cod fashion market; focusing on simple, yet stylish and easy-to-wear pieces. Underground Fashion carries the latest on-trend styles and classic essentials from various global brands with monthly new arrivals. We choose quality over quantity, at an affordable rate. We thrive to provide a great experience for our clients by creating an intimate, friendly, chic and comfortable environment. 



About Nicole Liu Designs

LiNa Nicole Liu (Palmer)  has been making quality accessories with a focus on bespoke luxury since 2006. Her designs focus on a classic style that is both functional and sophisticated and are created from the highest quality materials and workmanship.

The brand has grown through word of mouth, becoming well recognized for bringing a touch of luxury to accessories that were made for everyday use. "Nicole Liu designs" appeal to modern women who prefer to invest in quality pieces that fit their multi-tasking lifestyles and can last the test of time.



About Nicole

Just like her companies, LiNa Nicole Liu (Palmer) is chic, jet-setting businesswoman -  she is ultimately down to earth and above all, absolutely pragmatic. Nicole has a demanding but rewarding schedule, regularly traversing to Asia and Europe to maintain multiple business ventures while caring for her family and operating Underground Fashion in Cape Cod. Her international lifestyle exposes her to the latest designs, materials, and ideas from around the globe--an inside track that she shares through Nicole Liu Designs and Underground Fashion.



About Leah (Danbi) Kim

is promoted to a sourcing director by Nicole Palmer & Co., LLC in Asia Pacific Region to bring the business relations between the two continents.          Leah (Danbi) lived in Hong Kong - the most international city in Asia, worked in customer relations for over 13 years handling customers from different countries.  She also travelled over 90 cities to gain broader insight on the world's latest trends, cultural influences and international business relations.  She is now based in Korea trying to build a close bridge between Asia and the United States.  Water sports is her passion. She loves to spend time in the ocean. She travelled to the red Sea to witness the blue hole and gained a free diving license. Danbi is a promoter of healthy,  active lifestyle and is conscious about environmental issues in ocean.

For Brand inquiry, please contact:                                                                  Kim DanBi (Leah) :  Korea number: +82 10 8635 9881                                                                                                                        

안녕하세요. 다온 세일즈 대표 김단비입니다.  캐나다에서 대학을 졸업하고 아시아에서 가장 국제적인 도시, 홍콩에서 살면서 다양한 국적 의 사람들과 팀으로 일하고 협업하면서 커리어를 12년동안 쌓았습니다.  그동안 90개 도시를 여행하면서 나라마다 다른 트렌드와 문화의 차이점을 직접 눈으로 경험하고 세계를 보는 눈을 키우고 다른 나라 고객들을 상대로 발생하는 언어와 문화에 장벽에서 오는 문제, 또 그 밖에 업무상 문제를 해결하는 일을 하면서 탁월한 커뮤니케이션 스킬, 문제해결능력을 갖추었고, 지금은 한국을 기점으로 미국 바이어들과 한국 기업체의 원활한 비지니스 관계형성을 도모하는 일을 하고 있습니다.