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Canal Saint Martin


The spirit of the brand Canal Saint Martin is born:
A light sneaker, perfect to walk in the street but with an escape touch. A “holiday” spirit in the tarmac. A sneaker adaptable to our urban way of life but also which we take for a week-end in the country or seaside.
Thanks to the leather flexibility, the gum resistance and the esthetic comfort of the rope, the sneaker become an evidence.
The sneaker of your festival, your first date, your friend’s trip, your stylish party and your relaxed professional appointment.
The sneaker which live, travel and reinvent itself. The sneaker which hum a friendship beat, an accepted style and which state loud and clear that we can pleased to the majority, even with a mono product.
Canal Saint Martin: The Lancry
From the creation workshop in Paris, the hybrid sneaker is designed. The emblematic product will be The Lancry, name of the street where everything begun, the darling street of those sneakers addicts
Starting from this ideal basis, many families will be designed with different colors and materials.