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Easy carry Easy match from Seoul Korea!

The Avec bag brand draws inspiration from the French word "Avec," symbolizing companionship with Claire throughout her daily life, sharing moments comfortably with friends. In 2020, the brand introduced the canvas Joy bag, marking the beginning of presenting practical products with Avec's unique touch. By the spring season of 2022, the brand expanded beyond bags to include clothing, evolving into a comprehensive lifestyle brand offering a variety of products. Aberc bags are crafted in limited quantities per season, emphasizing high-quality 'Made in Korea' production. Claire collaborates with local manufacturers to achieve excellence and value as a Korean brand on a global scale. Aberkback values mutual benefit with domestic partners, fostering craftsmanship and aiming to deliver quality products. Each year, a portion of proceeds is donated to social care institutions, aligning with a commitment to contribute to a better world alongside customers. The brand pledges to introduce improved and aesthetically pleasing products each season, inviting interest and love for Avec bags that enhance everyday life.

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