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    • June 05, 2021 Summer is back!
      Summer is back!


       Summer has officially here in Cape Cod.

      Looking back, Its been a miserable year 2020 from Covid ...No one has been cheered up to do anything indoor or outdoor freely, still yet not safely100% from all activities.  I know we still have kong way to go, but stay positive and strong!

      Stay tuned for my July newsletter for some exciting updates! While I'm away seeking inspiration and recharging my spirit, you can always shop online 
      to get your retail fix. :) 
      I'll be sure to post my adventures, so don't forget to follow instagram at @undergroundfashion_boutique
      xo, LiNa Nicole Palmer

    • April 22, 2021 Spring update!
      Spring update!

      Its full spring here finally..I had enough cold days, how about you? haha..Time to gear up and refreshing all new spring collections at store front. 
      April and May are the months for scooping around and placing new brands, New Beauty products..I am having so much fun to reviewing, curating all clean beauty product..and follow us on instagram  @undergroundfashion_boutique for all Beauty and Self-care Tips!
      Oh By the ways, don't forget to check " Beautiful and sophisticated "New Brand from Saloni - Beautiful and feminine silk dress, LVIR - "Less is More"  simplicity but Modern look and AMO denims - can't get enough with vintage washed cotton and one of kind, handmade Jewlery from Blessings by WEN...
      At the meantime, be well and safe!
      Xoxo, LiNa Nicole PALMER
    • March 22, 2021 Whats up MARCH?
      Whats up MARCH?

      Slow month of March...Its been a long and cold winter,  Since its a quiet month, So I took a break and off to Sunshine City Florida Sarasota... It so nice here..   

      Sooo....., whats coming?  Its been a tough year 2020' for all business front.. Hopefully 2021 will be a bright new year and lets staring again with positive mindset...  I am just delighted to get all our  New Spring/Summer 21' collection ready at the store..Fresh new start from April 1st.

      Stay Strong and be well everyone!

      Don't forget to follow us on instagram @undergroundfashion_boutique

      Thank you so much for your lovely support.

      Cheers, Nicole 


    • February 09, 2021 Whats going on in Feburary?
      Whats going on in Feburary?

      Its already month of February 21'?  wow...  We have came this far from COVID since 2020...  Whats your story?  I just wanted to say:  stay strong and hopefully 2021 will be a good year! 
       I have added my youtube video link below.  (Its my Korean/English Youtube Channel, both english & Korean subtitles added)
      Enjoy and be safe, well
      LiNa Nicole PALMER

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