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    • November 04, 2020 Whats New in Nov?
      Whats New in Nov?


      First of all, I hope everyone are doing well wherever you are!!

      I believe in indulging in work, travel, food, fashion, beauty, and craziness in life from Asia to the Cape. Throw in a Pilot husband, a teenage kid, insane dog, and running a boutique.

      A happy news, besides I am running a boutique, as a beauty curator and working up as a beauty & fashion influencer, I have just started YouTube to become a YouTuber?

       I would love to share lots of a good life with my subscribers, friends, and family. 🛥 ✈️ 🏝 🥘 🍷 🛍

      Please Subscribe my youtube channel and follow me on instagram!  Thank you for your support. 

      XoXo LiNa / 리나

      Facebook: Underground Fashion / @undergroundfashionboutique

      Instagram: @undergroundfashion_boutique

      Instagram: Lina_capecod (personal l 개인)

      Twitter: @ufconceptboutiq

      Youtube: LiNa Nicole PALMER

    • October 03, 2020 Whats up October?
      Whats up October?
      October came too fast...So many up and down due to the Covid..I have been so worrying about family and friends in Hong Kong, Seoul Korea  and Singapore...homesick and worrying about my mother 86 years old in Seoul,  Unfortunately the trip has been cancelled due to the lockdown!  It broke my heart because I was looking forward to go home...I just wishing them all well!!
      Any ways,  although 2020 is not the easy year,  affected all people around the world..students, self owned businesses, workers, Let us  just keep moving, and be active,  stay positive and safe! 
      As a self owned business owner, business must goes on..and I have laid out our Oct promotion to dear friends and customers. For local friends and customers, also provide free local delivery.  

      We are all in this together! Lets be united and support each other!
      Xo, LiNa Nicole Palmer
      Youtube: LiNa's Journal
    • August 11, 2020 Already August here...
      Already August here...

      A little note to my customers and friends:
      I am so happy that you are all here! It has been a long time and missed you all. Our boutique was created to feel like home, warm, comfortable, and full of character!! Please feel free to let me know if there is I can do to make your visit even better! I just wanted to let you know when you are ready to visit me, I will be here for YOU!! Stay safe and can't wait to see you all soon!
      XoXo LiNa
      Facebook: Underground Fashion / @undergroundfashionboutique
      Instagram: Underground Fashion Boutique / @undergroundfashion_boutique  Twitter: @ufconceptboutiq
      Youtube: LiNa's Journal
    • July 03, 2020 Happy Fourth of July!
      Happy Fourth of July!

      Beginning Friday, July 3rd - July 15th all spring/summer collections Site-Wide

      10% off Promo Code: FOURTH10


      XoXo LiNa

      Facebook: Underground Fashion / @undergroundfashionboutique

      Instagram: Underground Fashion Boutique / @undergroundfashion_boutique Instagram: LiNa Nciole PALMER / LiNa_littleAsia

      Twitter: @ufconceptboutiq Youtube: LiNa’s Journal

      TikTok: @undergroundfashion