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Whats New in Nov?

Whats New in Nov?


First of all, I hope everyone are doing well wherever you are!!

I believe in indulging in work, travel, food, fashion, beauty, and craziness in life from Asia to the Cape. Throw in a Pilot husband, a teenage kid, insane dog, and running a boutique.

A happy news, besides I am running a boutique, as a beauty curator and working up as a beauty & fashion influencer, I have just started YouTube to become a YouTuber?

 I would love to share lots of a good life with my subscribers, friends, and family. 🛥 ✈️ 🏝 🥘 🍷 🛍

Please Subscribe my youtube channel and follow me on instagram!  Thank you for your support. 

XoXo LiNa / 리나

Facebook: Underground Fashion / @undergroundfashionboutique

Instagram: @undergroundfashion_boutique

Instagram: Lina_capecod (personal l 개인)

Twitter: @ufconceptboutiq

Youtube: LiNa Nicole PALMER

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