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LiNa's Little Asia

LiNa's Little Asia

While we are at home from social distancing.. Spent all day study at home "how to upload on youtube" 

My first TV episode from MVTV (Matha's Vineyard Community TV Station) for Asian Home Cusine from Thai, Korean, Chinese, Malay etc..Favoriate all-time family recipes. Home cooking is something I am passionate about. I will share all the easy, fresh, homemade dishes and Asian Culture as well... I believe food brings people from different cultures together, It is like a universal language, and I love to be part of it. This first Episode called Bulgogi, "Bul means Fire, Gogi means Meat" This is pretty much everyone's favorite type of Korean BBQ dish in Korea also for non-Koreans know. This is one BBQ that can be cooked over the stove, rather than Grill. If you cook over on BBQ, the sauce will be dry it out on the fire. This recipe is perfect with rice together. Enjoy~

XoXo LiNa

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