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Less talking, more styling!

Less talking, more styling!


Happy Friday! 

We are getting ready to go to Manhattan for buying appointments to choose next years collections! Before we go, we wanted to remind you that you are beautiful and that we are here to help you express that through style. Don't be afraid to use your clothing, jewelry and accessories to express what you feel and think! Don't be afraid to let the true, beautiful you shine through! 

We will check in as we meet with designers and choose pieces to bring back with us....maybe we'll even share a few sneak peaks. MAYBE. 

Remind yourself that you are beautiful and worth putting yourself together in a way that makes you feel good about yourself; you are worth the extra 10 minutes in the morning to pull a stylish, expressive outfit together. You are worth it! And if you don't have the pieces you need to express yourself, come see us in October! We will be carrying high-quality classic pieces that will turn our entire outfit into a show-stopping look. 


Stay stylish, friends! 


LiNa @ underground fashion 

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