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Snow Scrub Exfoliator 1.76 fl. oz / 50g



The gentlest physical exfoliant that really works. No harsh materials, no abrasive acids. Just naturally occurring silicia particles suspended in a mineral and vitamin rich fluffy gel that scrubs away dead, dull skin and enhances skin texture below.

Good to Know

91% Natural.
Formulated & filled in Switzerland.
Pregnancy & breastfeeding safe.
Dermatologically Tested.

Quick Science

Your skin is continually shedding cells through what is known as desquamation. However, due to a number of factors, this may not always happen as fast or efficiently as it should, especially as we age. This can leads to too much dead skin on the surface, creating dullness and breakouts.

Key Skin Benefits:

- Combats dry and flaky skin
- Revives dull skin
- Combats textured skin
- Combats discoloration / hyperpigmentation
- Repairs the Skin Barrier

For the Senses:

Lightweight with fine particles of grittiness to remove dead skin. Slightly tingly on the skin, with a clean, hydrated after-feel and a smooth looking finish. With a vaguely minty smell.

How to Use it:

To use as an exfoliant: Use 2-3x weekly on clean, wet skin. Apply directly after cleansing, rub in gentle circular motions for up to 2 minutes, and rinse off.

To use as a brightening mask: Leave on clean dry skin for up to 10 minutes. Rub in gentle circular motions while rinsing off.