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Storm Serum 0.84 fl. oz / 25ml



Our first-ever multi-tasking serum supports the complete health and repair of your skin’s most vital functions. Patented Chronopower technology creates an invisible film over the skin that reinforces the skin barrier and disperses deep, time-released penetration of 17 active ingredients and complexes.

Good to Know

94% Natural
Formulated & filled in Switzerland
Pregnancy & breastfeeding safe
Dermatologically Tested

Quick Science

A serum is only as effective as its penetration technology allows it to be. Storm serum is formulated with time release, deep acting penetration technology that covers your face like an invisible shield.

Key Skin Benefits:

- Increased hydration levels
- Combats environmental dryness
- Maintains a supple appearance
- Improves skin texture of time
- Softens and smooths rough, scaly and/or inflamed skin
- Improves dullness and ruddy complexion

For the Senses:

A light-weight, fast absorbing water-based serum with a soothing feel and luminous finish. Smells natural and subtle with no lingering scent

How to Use it:

Use daily following cleansing and toner. Apply a half-dropper amount onto dry skin, rubbing in a circular motion around face and neck. Gently tap until dry before applying moisturizer. If product doesn't absorb quickly, try slightly reducing the amount used.