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Wear. Wash. Repeat. Then buy again in another amazing color. Can't get enough? Neither can we. Our Core Tee has been with us since Day One and it won't be going anywhere, anytime soon. With sleeves to cover your arms (not everyone can be Michelle Obama, we know) and the perfect length for every body, our Core Tee is seriously a necessity. Layer with LAB104.

Now in our Essential Jersey, a luxuriously smooth combed cotton.




You dirty tart! Time for a wash.

No need to turn yourself inside out, just the shirt. If you can't find a friend to do the dirty work, find a machine and wash in cold water. Brrrr. Save the bleach for your socks. Tumble dry on low, have a cup of tea and stand by to remove promptly!

When you hear the sound, start dancing! You're done! And if you can't handle this, buy a new one. Admit it, you want more than just one! These instructions work for both Tee Lab and Frank & Eileen.


Smooth and cool combed cotton.
Brushed to an even fine thread.
Combing creates smoother yarns as the fibers are more aligned.
100% Cotton Jersey